How Do I Get My Ex Back After Cheating?

Okay you messed up, big time, got caught and now you find yourself asking, how do I get my ex back after cheating?  Some folks hold the belief that an affair should always end the relationship, and that it’s a deal breaker. But it doesn’t always have to be. Indeed the relationship may in fact be repaired, made stronger and evolve to be better than ever before. If both partners really decide they want to work on it, and this is key, restoring the trust in a relationship that has been damaged is doable.

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Getting your ex back after an affair means the underlying attitudes and behavior patterns that predisposed the partner to cheat have to be addressed and modified.  The nature of the breach, values, and mindset of the parties involved determine how difficult it will be to restore the trust and save the relationship. Was it just sex? Was it a one night stand? Or was it an all out physical and emotional affair of the heart?  These things factor in along with the couple’s relationship history prior to the cheating.

In order to get your ex back after cheating the trust has to be rebuilt because the deception and betrayal seriously shake the relationship’s foundation at its core.  If you’ve had an affair, you’ve had a perspective which authorized you to turn to a third party for satisfaction. Somehow you convinced yourself that you were entitled and perhaps you thought your partner would never know.

If you have any hope of healing the rift with your ex, you must uncover the core problems in your relationship that led to the breech in the first place. To facilitate the healing process and to put it behind you, an understanding of the issues is required.

Do you know why you strayed?  Was the sex routine and unfulfilling? Did you feel neglected, taken for granted or unappreciated?  Perhaps you felt you had no relationship because your partner was always too busy for you?  Or it may be that you feel your partner let their appearance go and you were no longer physically attracted. Whatever the reason, chances are you would not have strayed if your needs were met in your primary relationship.

In this day and age when temptation is everywhere, it is all too easy to succumb especially so if problems with your primary relationship were not addressed.  Certainly this is not to justify betrayal and deceit, but a firm understanding of what issues need to be addressed is required to mend.

It depends on the couple, but they may have to seek counseling to heal. Also please understand that comprehending the reasons and feelings that led to the affair is only the first step in getting your ex back and restoring the trust in your relationship.  The very next step is to take solid action to fix the issues. The path to restoring the trust in your relationship lies not in talking about the right things, but in actually taking massive action to do the right things.

One most effective step is to make small promises to your partner and abide by it. If you promise to take the rubbish out each evening, do it. And, do it without reserve. When you repeatedly demonstrate that you may be trusted in the little things, gradually confidence and trust will make its way back into the relationship.

Also don’t hesitate to show support and to reassure your partner that you have changed. Expect that your other half will likely seek continual reassurance that you have mended your old ways.  This means that you’re going to have to apologize over a period of time whenever the pain resurfaces. The release of anger and pain is part of the healing process so be prepared to respect and understand that it is a gradual process. Also when repeated comments about the violation of trust occur, take it in stride. If indeed you want to win back your ex, you will be patient.

After all is said and done you should not feel guilty about the indiscretion for evermore. In reality, it will hinder the building of the new relationship if you allow yourself to be constantly put on a guilt trip. And no one is advocating that. But know that because there was a betrayal of trust, understanding is called for.

Finally, you want to be as positive as possible. This is done by placing the emphasis on growth and hope for the emergence of a new healthier-happy relationship in the future. It has been said that just as a bone grows stronger at the place it’s been broken; a relationship can improve after an affair. Restoring trust in a relationship and getting your ex back after cheating, needs time. It demands that you change both your perspectives and actions. But it is feasible to heal the divide, so Hold On!

How Do I Get My Ex Back After Cheating?  Click Here For More Expert Advice

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    1. Stephanie from How Do I Get My Ex Back

      There are three different stages most couples have to go through to be able to forgive and get over infidelity. To have a “roadmap” of these stages can help couples by telling them what to expect.

      There are usually three distinct emotional phases following the disclosure of infidelity:

      Phase One: The “dramatic and emotional rollercoaster” phase
      This is filled with anger, self reproach, self-examination / introspection and a deeper appreciation of the relationship.

      Phase Two: The “test ban” phase
      This is a less emotional time, where one tries to find the logic and reason for the infidelity. One is often extremely concerned with the specific details of the affair, withdraw oneself both physically and emotionally and also seek out to involve others opinion.

      Phase Three: The confidence-building phase
      The cheater shows that he/she devotes themselves to the relationship is very important when it comes to their partner’s willingness to forgive and show confidence, but the one that has been cheated on must be able to forgive.

      It is imperative to keep in mind that there is no cheating without a reason, and an affair is not random. Infidelity occurs because there are one or several reasons for it in the relationship. It happens because the couple don’t feel that they get what they really want out of the relationship. Most often it is their sexlife that is unfulfilling. Both of them are often responsible for the affair and both are wounded. If they are going to keep being together, both of them must face their part in it, and whoever has been cheating has to work on the reason why they did it.

      The couple must work with all unresolved issues, disputes and conflicts that are not yet settled. When they manage to overcome their anger and hurt, a professional therapist can be of great help in rebuilding the trust between them.

      Some never get pass their anger and as a consequence the relationship falls apart. But for most couples the relationship can be repaired, even if it takes a long time and leaves scars.
      .-= Stephanie@How Do I Get My Ex Back´s last blog ..Is MEPS for the Army really that difficult? =-.

    2. How to get my ex girlfriend back

      I agree that the affair is the consequence of certain things that were not working ok in the couple. An affair can be forgiven, but if the causes of it are not addressed properly it will happen again and again.
      .-= How to get my ex girlfriend back´s last blog ..How To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back Home =-.

    3. armil from getting my ex back

      i think, getting our ex back will be really difficult and a lot of work to do specially when the reason for breaking up is due to cheating. trust is something that’s difficult to build again. as others says its like a glass that when broken, even if you pasted it again, the crack will always be there.

      but you are right, that we can still do something to bring it back, i think one must know how to admit the mistake that they’ve done, ask for forgiveness and show to his/her partner how sincere he/she is.
      but the success of it will also depend with the other party on their capacity to accept and forgive, for forgiving and forgetting is not that easy.

      i think it will be good to show them how sincere we are and prove them that we are deserving for the second chance we are asking and i think it will be a good idea as well to ask or God’s help.

      by the way, i have fun reading your article and so thankful for the tips that you provided.
      armil@getting my ex back´s last blog post ..Trying Again To Get Back Together With Ex

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